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Paths and Naturalistic Activities

Paths and Naturalistic Activities

Paths and Naturalistic Activities


Monte Bronzone is a mountain of the Bergamo’s Prealps which reaches an altitude of 1.334 m,  located near Iseo lake on the border between the municipalities of Vigolo and Adrara San Martino. Here you can enjoy a fantastic view. On the top of the mountain there is a cross with a bell dedicated to pope  Giovanni XXIII. It is customary for the ones who arrive there to play the bell.


This cross is located on a hill at an altitude of 398 meters. From here you can see the lake. Through a route it is possible to reach the B&B “Forcella” of Sarnico and a small chapel consecrated to the virgin. From here it’s possible to reach Viadanica and Predore. Then follows the route “percorso della Madonna”: a road with olive trees, cypresses and a nice view. The route finishes near the post office of Sarnico.

TAXODI PARK (1.2 km)

The Taxodi park is located in Paratico. Here you can see aquatic plants partially immersed in the water (bald cipress-Taxodium distichum), and various bird species including the gray heron. The entry is free.

LE TORBIERE (8,6 km)

The Sebino peat bogs are one of the regional nature reserves established by Lombardy. They are located south of the southern shore of Lake Iseo. This place has been declared a "wetland of international importance". It is located between the municipalities of Iseo, Provaglio d’Iseo and Corte Franca. The monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa is located near Sebino peat bogs, in this church (that once belonged to the order of Cluny) are conserved some medioeval frescoes.

To visit them you start from the parking lot of the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa in Provaglio. There are three routes: central, south and north. The central route is the shortest and lasts about an hour and allows you to enter in the heart of the reserve thanks to bridges and walkways. The whole path surrounding the peat bogs may be covered in about three hours.

CORNO BUCO (7,5 km)

Corno Buco is a very high peak on Lake Iseo and offer a fantastic view. It is located in the municipality of Predore, 966 meters from the historic center. On the top of this mountain there is a path with a cross.


San Giovanni delle Formiche is a former Monastery located in Villongo, in the province of Bergamo, built on the top of the Conisio hill. From there we can admire Lake Iseo and the walls of the Città Alta.


San Fermo is one of the two hamlets of the municipality of Grone in the Province of Bergamo. After having crossed the Cavallina Valley, you arrive in these hills. San Fermo has a strategic position since it is located between Cavallina Valley and Lake Iseo.


Continuing eastwards from Sarnico you arrive in Predore, passing first through Lido Nettuno and then through the two Faccanoni villas. The lakefront is very wide and extensive, so it is possible to take beautiful walks. The landscape is lacustrine, with small grassy beaches, aquatic plants and weeping willows.


Oglio River Green Way is a path then rana long the Oglio river. The environment is flat and fluvial. It starts from Sarnico and arrives in Palazzolo. During this route you pass near the Capriolo cotton mill and Robinie’s park. At the end of the route you arrive at pope Giovanni XXIII square and this path ends at the Palazzolo train station.This route is also bordered by a railway, where at certain times of the year it is possible to take a steam train that departure from Milano centrale and arrives in Paratico Train station